Tampere Smart City Week

Tampere Smart City Week confrence gathers people interested in smart city development 22.-29.1.2021. The week includes an international conference for professionals and various local events to public and other stakeholders. As a part of the conference, there is also a virtual exhibition, which offers companies a possibility to present smart city related solutions. As smart city development pursues a safe, healthy, efficient and sustainable urban life, one of the most current topics includes intelligent transport.

Vediafi company

Also Vediafi and our services will be visible in the Smart City Week event as part of virtual expo. The expo runs throughout the Week, so feel free to join Vediafi’s virtual stand. See more: Tampere Smart City Week – Tampere Smart City Week (tscw.fi)  

If you like to mingle with us in virtual expo, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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