Vediafi Ltd is a Finnish company, which sells and develops solutions to make logistics more efficient and greener. Solutions combine our extensive expertise on mobile services, IoT and location-based solutions, as well as data driven products and services. Our brandmarked product families are the Clean Vehicles Wizard (CVW) gives companies and municipalities a way to evaluate the cleanliness of their vehicle fleet and act on it, the Vedia Drive is a comprehensive solution for tracking your fleet, cargo, and assets, the Vedia CaaS (value adding services and solutions for logistics service providers, municipalities, shippers) and the Vedia Claus (home delivery for shops and online shops).

Our journey started in 2013 when Vediafi was established to provide cross-border services for tourists and passengers. In its first years Vediafi was mainly involved in developing passenger transport and greener transport solutions with shared mobility and value added services. In 2016, the first steps were taken towards last-mile logistics and rather soon the focus shifted solely to logistics related solutions. In 2017 we invented the CaaS (Corridor as a Service) concept and started decisively to build it, which has thereafter evolved to the above mentioned Vedia CaaS and Vedia Claus solutions with support of the Business Finland Growth Engine program, the CaaS Nordic ecosystem and the European Commission funded projects.

Now we are a vibrant and agile company with some 20 experts and accelerating CaaS partner ecosystem, which are mainly based in Finland, North Europe and Germany. We look forward to expanding our global presence and deepening our portfolio to better meet your expectations in the coming years.


Matti Lankinen CEO
Matti Lankinen, CEO

+358 50 557 1152

Lasse Nykänen
Lasse Nykänen, Project Director

+358 50 303 1268


Juha Karppinen, Sales

Vedia Drive, IoT Solutions
+358 41 729 5182

Felix Bloch, Consultant & PO CVW

Clean Vehicles Wizard, Sustainability, New Markets
+358 45 264 5959

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