Vedia Drive is a comprehensive solution for tracking your fleet, cargo, and assets.

Choose optimal solution based on needed capabilities:

  • Tracking and location
  •  Secure shipment
  • Better security
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Geofencing and alarms
  • Web based management software
  • Routing
  • Automated emission management with Clean Vehicle Wizard service
  • MAP UI

All devices are connected to Vedia Drive web application which enables fleet, container and asset management. Cargo units registered on the web application are displayed over a detailed map, reporting their status and conditions in real time. The application is browser based and can be used from any computer or mobile device. The application provides operational reports as well as documents statistics.

TETIS container security

(container door status, basic electronic sealing)

LOKIES electric seal

Container/trailer etc. transport unit
Mode of transport

KYLOS asset tracker

Container/trailer<br>etc. transport unit
Parcel/pallet etc.

Helios Vehicle tracker

CaaS Drive provides transparency and manageability for logistics. We provide a cost efficient solution based on customer requirements, wich can also be linked to other Vedia services, such as CVW.

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