“We deliver PoC results for the money others use for drinking coffee.”

We have the mindset of an engineer with the ambition and curiosity of a mountaineer. Vedia has good rapport regarding EU and national development thanks to wide collaboration network and active project cooperation, with a long track record.

We have capability to create solution integration, with business intelligence and technological knowledge.
We bridge the gap between research and enterprises, with proof of concept offering. Minimizing the need for development investment.

We take pride on our agile deployment and deliver fast results. Our specialties are digital and sustainable transport and logistics, tracking and tracing, professional positioning and connected transportation.

We have a long history of public private collaboration.

Our consultation & expert services include:

  • Project preparations
  • Studies
  • Roadmaps
  • Strategy planning
  • Project collaboration
  • Process streamlining
  • PoCs and piloting services