Vediafi provides value adding logistics platform for various industries.

Greener Logistics

Greener and sustainable logistics has become more and more important to public sector, companies and customers. Emissions are included to sourcing decisions and companies are in growing need for real information of their fleet CO2. Improved statistics ensures legal compliance and helps to tackle climate change challenge.

CVW – Clean Vehicles Wizard

CVW is an online application that helps organizations to monitor CO2 emissions of vehicle fleets and quickly check your compliance with legal requirements.

CVW -tool


Carbonose is standalone solution for measuring CO2 emissions in certain measurement point.


Efficient cross-border logistics and cargo transparency

Global supply chains are increasingly complex and integrity of logistics is crucial to business. Supply chains should be managed and developed based on real-time, reliable data that is linked to business processes and decision making. On the other hand, business processes must comply with requirements of global logistics like custom procedures and multi modal supply chains.

Vedia CaaS eSeal

Vedia CaaS eSeal is developed for tracking of international shipments in multimodal transport corridors. 


Vedia Drive

Vedia Drive is enhanced fleet management and cargo management solution


Road Side Management Unit

Transport is also in the front line of connected world and smarter cities. Cities, communities and authorities benefiting real time information on transport related emissions but they also need state-of-the-art solutions to connect vehicles, cargo and people based information to infrastructure.


Home delivery services for shops & webshops

Vedia Claus ships your shopping home. Whether its from brick and mortar store or web shop, Claus deliver your purchases directly from the store to the address you provide, anywhere in the world.

Vedia Claus

Vedia Claus is a web app home delivery service. Try it your self.