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The Clean Vehicles Wizard helps to analyze and report on vehicles’ CO2 emissions

This wizard provides a city, company, organization, or consultant with an overall view of vehicle fleet emissions. Enter your vehicle fleet into the software to get vehicle emissions data easily and quickly. You can then create emissions reports for customers, stakeholders, and investors or integrate them into sustainability reporting.

What can I use CVW for?
  • Know your vehicle emissions and generate reports
  • Find problem areas within your fleet, such as vehicles with high emissions and usage
  • Plan your fleet renewal wisely and more sustainably
  • Keep track of driven kilometers and their emissions
  • Improve your image with transparent emissions monitoring
  • Plan vehicle requirements for future purchases and procurements
  • Utilize vehicle data in scenario calculations
  • Monitor compliance with the requirements of the EU Clean Vehicles Directive, and report on developments

Clean Vehicles Wizard, also known as CVW, is a Finnish web-based service. Its idea is based on the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD) and has been developed and piloted together with some Finnish municipalities and the Association of Finnish Municipalities. Pilots are currently on going in Germany as well!

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Main features

Main features CVW

Analysis of CO2 emissions

  • See the CO2 emissions of your vehicle at one glance.
  • Set emission standards and monitor how many of your vehicles meet them
  • See how many of the vehicles are clean

Vehicle management

  • Enter vehicles by register number or search from the list by make, model/type and year
  • Get all the most important vehicle information and emission values
  • Group vehicles and track their emissions


  • Add kilometers driven by the vehicles to the software
  • Get performance-related reports which take emissions into account
  • Keep track of vehicle usage


  • Emissions are taken into account in the reports
  • Easily report on vehicles, groups, driven kilometers and total fleet emissions
  • Receive procurement reports that comply with the directive

Free version VS. Full version

* Inserting register plate number is available in some countries. Book a demo to learn more.

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