CaaS Nordic Online Summer Event 17 June 2020

Vediafi and LuxTurrim 5G Smart City Pilot Goes Live In Espoo, Finland

Vediafi and Northern Growth Zone react proactively to upcoming public transport emission regulations

Vediafi participates in Nokia Driven LuxTurrim5G Smart City Ecosystem

CaaS Nordic association to boost Nordic region logistics

Vedia CaaS – aiming at business amounting to billions of euros with leverage of Business Finland funding

Vedia Corridor as a Service Enables Smoother Logistics

Vedia CaaS (Corridor as a Service) connects suppliers to customers with global freight corridors and last mile delivery solutions. By utilizing intelligent technologies and the digital market platform Vedia CaaS brings logistics to the digital age. 


Vedia CaaS for Logistics Service Providers

  • Connecting the Nordic/EU region to Asia with the Silk Road corridor
  • Superior supply chain transparency with intelligent technologies
  • Cross border priority/platooning drive service
  • Enhanced last mile delivery with parking reservation
  • On road safety and concierge service
  • Traffic light priority at critical spots

Vedia CaaS for Shippers

  • New competitive delivery alternatives for global traders
  • Increased transparency with real-time tracking and IoT
  • Reduced fuel consumption & co2 -emmissions
  • Cost efficient logistics with market platform
  • More sales with versatile home delivery services

Vedia CaaS for Consumers

  • Power to select the optimal logistics service 
  • Easy to use real-time tracking and tracing 
  • A greener logistics service
  • Global home delivery services