Know your fleet – for smarter procurements

CVW – Clean Vehicle Wizard tool

Preventing climate change is a common goal for all of us, to which the new EU Clean Vehicles Directive also guides public sectors. The directive obliges a pre-determined number of clean vehicles to be selected for their own services and fleets. This directive will come into force as early as August 2021 and will force the public sector to act now!

The Clean Vehicle Wizard is specifically designed for public procurement of transport vehicles and services. The tool can be used to score and evaluate different transport vehicles from the perspective of vehicles, taking into account the environmental impact of vehicles. It makes it possible to procure vehicles in accordance with the new directive easily, quickly and without special expertise in the field.

CVW tool is data-based and utilizes e.g. national vehicle registration data and data on new vehicles imported. The real magic is that the tool itself can retrieve and utilize the data entered into the system. In this way, the tool learns to provide the desired information and becomes smarter all the time.

How to use CVW

Manage and know your vehicle fleet
Observe the cleanliness of your fleet when procuring and easily get a score for the fleet when receiving biddings
Supervise and monitor both existing and new vehicles and service providers
Make more transparent and cleaner vehicle procurements which are in accordance with the directive

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