The CEF funded FEDeRATED project is Vediafi’s main project and works as a guideline for the whole CaaS development. Vedia has been an active player in FEDeRATED project from the very beginning with the establishment of a concrete approach to logistics data sharing and digitalisation. During the first year, (2019) the vision for the project and FEDeRATED initiative was created. Within  the vision work, Vedia promoted the importance of sustainability, CaaS , location based services and IoT devices.

During 2020, the project master plan, architecture and semantics work was started. The aim of the master plan is to explain how the projects will lead FEDeRATED towards the vision. The CaaS concept is part of the approach (see illustration below). In addition to planning works, the living labs were started during 2020. Vedia is hosting three living labs. All these three living labs are switched to the operational mode already and Vedia is carrying out pilots on these living labs. At the moment, the automated border crossing (ABC) pilot is most concrete and demonstrates the vision of FEDeRATED in a tangible way. The aim of the ABC pilot is to improve transparency and efficiency of international logistics through data interoperability, real-time location sharing and IoT devices. Vedia’s aim is to collect data and information throughout the entire supply chain and share it to the respective Customs. This data includes information from the driver, vehicle and cargo tied to the location and time information. With this kind of information Customs can provide secured and trusted border crossing processes.

In the other two living labs, Vedia is focusing on new technologies such as IoT devices and 5G and sustainability of multimodal transportation. The goal for 2021 is to start concrete pilots in all three living labs. The aim of the ABC pilot is to carry out more pilot drives with commercial transportations and to expand data sharing solutions also to other supply chain stakeholders. Important part of all three living labs is the data sharing model and policy, which Vedia is looking for in collaboration with other FEDeRATED actors. IATA’s One Record model seems a very sophisticated example and Vedia is seeking to open its own One Record server soon to enable data sharing in multimodal supply chains.

In addition to data sharing issues, Vedia is pushing heavily the CO2 monitoring of multimodal supply chains. Vedia’s goal is to utilize vehicle level emission monitoring and connect that to shipments and hence to provide an agile and efficient way to monitor and control emissions.

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