During the last few years, Vedia has been involved in the FEDeRATED project, where several teams of software developers and PowerPoint managers have developed a magic recipe for the semantics and data sharing of multimodal logistics. In spring 2023, IATA the home of flying machines, invited actors to challenge the problem of data sharing. Vedia is brave and wants of course to contribute to such a challenge. Thus, Vedia answered the call and nominated the team of two brave devs.

Finally, when the bid day came and most of Finland was celebrating midsummer, the team of two knights started their journey. Below you can read a thrilling story from these two brave knights.    

“We began our journey at the bottom of the abyss in a forgotten land, where no one speaks English and they accept only cash. Where kebabs are served only from 11:00. Seeheim, 09:00. They are famous for football and good beer.  

We had a mission, we were sent by our ancestors to look a beast in the eye, fear not, and steal its treasure. Our first obstacle was that damned mountain.

Here it stands Lufthansa castle, IATA beasts inside waiting to be defeated.

In the main hall, all knights in shining blue armor gathered and were given tasks and duties. They took pictures of us so our sacrifices won’t go in vain and memories of us won’t be forgotten.

We were taken into the 3005th dungeon, there was our grandmaster, our teacher and mentor, the Henk, and right behind the corner, the beast. 

It was fearful and dreadful and they did not want to cooperate. We had to reach the furthest dungeons to pledge for help. Took every trick from our slaves to tame it. But yes, when the sun was heading for sunset, it was done, the beast was dead. 

We took time to write our history for the great celebration and story tournament that was supposed to be held the very next day in the main hall of the castle.

Only one of our fellow knights could join the celebration. Battle exhausted one so much he needed to stay in the nursery, eat, drink, sleep, and look and undoubtedly beautiful German nurses taking care of him. Our story was recognized and prized, we were coming back home on white horses, victorious, once again.

Aleksander Schmidt
Senior Software Developer

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