Exactly 10 years ago Vediafi Ltd, or Vedia as we call our company, was registered to the national trade register and Tax Administration with a specific target to develop cross-border ITS services. The Aim of Vedia in the following years was to change current transportation and mobility habits and processes. Now, 10 years later, Vedia is mostly working on the same agenda, but with thousands of experiences richer. About 5 years ago Vedia invented the Corridor as a Service – CaaS – concept and had a boost toward digitalization of logistics, as we got the Business Finland Growth Engine status. 

The best thing about working in Vedia is of course the team that has found its way to the Pitäjämäki, where Vedia has its office. The team is a nice mix of young enthusiasm and seasoned intelligence, with flavors of several cultures and nationalities. The second best thing is the ecosystem around Vedia. Vedia has close collaboration with authorities, companies, research organizations, and associations here in Finland, but also around the EU. Vedia really appreciates this collaboration network and Vedia is definitely ready to do its part for this network. The third place goes for the business itself, which is very meaningful and seeks ambitious goals and targets in the field of intelligent and sustainable transport and logistics.

During these 10 years, Vedia has been very active in the R&D field and it has finalized more than 30 projects and has become one of the Business Finland Growth Engine Companies – not just one of those, but actually the first one. Vedia’s projects have been commercial projects, national development projects, and a few international projects such as  EU Horizon projects. Currently, Vedia participates in one Horizon project and one CEF project, and new ones are already waiting behind the corner. And every now and then Vedia team can be found to do some consultation.

In addition, Vedia has developed a few commercial services, from where CVW – Clean Vehicles Wizard is currently our main service and is life in Finland and Germany. At the moment, Vedia is also very active in the field of eFTI, which Vedia is developing together with national authorities, but also together with EU collaboration and private companies.

These 10 years have been a very interesting time and during these years the world has changed a lot. For Vedia, these changes have always been seen as an opportunity. And for sure everybody who knows Vedia knows that we are an agile and forward-looking company, who aren’t afraid to act. And for sure Vedia has also faced hard times and challenges, but as a team, we have managed those and found new ways to go forward.

Today so many years later from the company launch, Vedia is a Finnish SME company with 13 people, with solutions for emission monitoring and mitigation, digital logistic events tracking, and eFTI services for facilitating sustainable and profitable digital logistics transformation. Now Vedia with all those years behind, we have developed the mindset of an engineer with the ambition and curiosity of a mountaineer and therefore the upcoming years will be even more interesting and meaningful.

Lasse Nykänen
Project Director

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