Vedia Taxi was selected as a service provider for last mile mobility experiment in Aviapolis Vantaa.

Aviapolis area, located near the Helsinki Airport is the fastest growing international employment area in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The area has good public transport services thanks to, for example, the Ring Rail Line opened just over a year ago. However, a new challenge has emerged as many of the 35,000 jobs in the area are not located right next to Aviapolis rail station. Thus the last mile between the station and office is a problem for many people.

Vedia Taxi took the challenge posed by the City of Vantaa and Helsinki Business Hub. Now people can use shared taxi rides to get from Aviapolis station to their workplaces and save money and environment. For example a ride from Aviapolis station to the Äyritie employment area costs about €3.40/person, if four people share the ride. Vedia Taxi mobile application automatically handles the shared charges for each passenger via personal credit cards.

The pilot started at the beginning of September and will run until the end of the year. However, Vedia Taxi will continue serving passengers in Aviapolis also after the pilot.