As some of you may know, these are coordinates of the world’s greatest logistics hub. This is not located in Singapore, US or Germany, but on the border between Finland and Russia. The municipality is called Savukoski but the actual epicenter is better known as Korvatunturi (“Ear Fell”), referring to the mountain’s distinctive profile. 

A quick analysis reveals that the location and environment provides all necessities for world-class supply chain operations: 

  • it is surrounded by frozen lakes, providing a natural runway for reindeer sleight take-offs and landings 
  • thousands of reindeer pathways guarantee seamless connections to delivery network
  • thick pine forests provides co2 neutral fuel for transport
  • high security of operations ensured by Finnish Government (As Korvatunturi sits on the border of the country, all visitors are required to obtain written permission from the Finnish Border Guard)

Due to the nature of operations, not many facts are disclosed about the other infrastructure in the area. However, during 2021 Vedia has made some nice achievements that may anticipate future developments of Korvatunturi hub as well:

Vedia team will continue working for better and cleaner logistics next year. Meanwhile, we wish all happy holidays.

Season’s Greetings

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