combustion engine cars

Finland’s national broadcasting company Yle reports (Ylen kysely: Tätä mieltä suomalaiset olisivat uusien polttomoottoriautojen myyntikiellosta vuonna 2030 – ikä ja puoluekanta jakavat ihmisiä | Yle Uutiset | about study whether the sale of combustions engine cars should be stopped by 2030. According to the study made by market research company Taloustieto 49% agrees that combustion engine cars be sold as long as these are manufactured. 19% were in favor of the ban. It seems that younger generations’ attitudes towards ban were more positive. For some reason Yle does not quote the number of respondents.

Without taking any stand on the issue, the question might be a little bit more complex than either or.  Why do we know that? Well, because of Vedia’s CVW (CVW – Clean Vehicles Wizard – Vedia – The CaaS Company) tool, which reveals accurate emissions of each vehicle model. By looking at the CVW data, one can easily see that emissions between the combustion engine cars vary significantly based on for example engine type, year model and fuel type. With an average car age of +12 years in Finland, the CVW reveals the huge improvements of emission levels when motor technology has evolved.   

If you are interested of your own fleets’ emission data, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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