Megatrends like sustainability and connectivity change cities, infra and also public procurement. Public sector should be a forerunner in promoting sustainability when it comes to procuring services or facilitating connected cities. However, decisions should be based on reliable data that is easy to access, as well as investments to connectivity should always be justified by the return of investment.

Public sector and municipalities
Public sector and municipalities

Vedia CVW and RMU provides reliable and integrable data to measure sustainability and to easily set up connectivity between infra and everything :

Clean Vehicle Wizard (CVW) is a can be utilized for public procurement to obtain reliable emission information easily, thus enabling better procurement decisions. CVW can also be utilized to control and monitor emissions of own fleet.

Road side Management Unit (RMU) is developed to enable secure and fast connection between vehicles and infrastructure (V2X) together with multi sensor platform. In addition to connectivity and edge computing, RMU also enables tracking of CO2, cargo, vehicles and assets.

Solution combines full data service from procurement to monitoring. It can be integrated procurement system, which saves time and money from procurement division. Also automated monitoring of used vehicles can be integrated to solution