Some of our pilot projects

Vedia Ride

Nokia Ride Sharing Pilot Project 

The Vedia Ride car sharing pilot project for the Finnish Transport Agency and Sitra was arranged in cooperation with Nokia Plc. to simplify commuting. Piloted at Nokia HQ, Vedia Ride's mission was to provide a convenient and competitive solution for Nokia commuters who were willing to share rides, all arranged on a user-friendly mobile Android app. Vedia Ride app allows travellers to offer and use ride sharing with their colleagues, and it also indicates estimated ride costs. This was not limited for Nokia employees but anyone can use the app to start sharing commuter rides.

Vedia Share

Nokia Car Rental Pilot Project

Vedia Share was a pilot project for Nokia Open Ecosystem Network where Nokia seeked ways to reuse resources in the most efficient way. During the project, a new short term car rental service for Nokia HQ employees was provided with five VV-Auto vehicles. Vedia Share mobile Android app allowed Nokia travellers to reserve, use and pay for the use of the vehicles.

Vedia Taxi

A Taxi Sharing Service

Vedia Taxi app allowed travellers to find and share taxi rides with other people. Thanks to this wallet and environment friendly service app riding a taxi got cheaper and more ecological. Simplicity to taxi riding was brought by sharing the fares, which is both secure and fast on this mobile app. The ride sharer was able enjoy the ride and possibly make new connections as a bonus! Groups of friends travelled together more easily, workgroups handled taxi orders at one time, and individual users saved money in situations where public transport was not an option for whichever reason. 

The mobile app connects people travelling in the same direction into groups, reducing every passenger's share of the fare. The app allocates exactly the share of each passenger based on how much distance has been travelled as part of the shared ride. It's also possible to create your own rides, to effortlessly share taxi fares among your friends.

The Android / iOS mobile app helps find and create groups for cheaper taxi riding. The app is able to intelligently combine different routes thus optimizing the shared experience for each passenger, while offering a faster and cheaper journey. Payment is easy and secure with debit and credit cards on the app. 

For more information on out past pilot projects and cooperation possibilities, please contact us.