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Since 2019 Vedia has been one of the participants in the CEF-funded FEDeRATED project. Here Vedia and several other public and private actors are developing future data-sharing models and semantics for multimodal logistics. This work has been a great opportunity to establish preparations for future eFTI legislation. Such legislation will integrate public actors into paperless supply chains. Vedia has been an active pioneer in this new eFTI regulation and is now joining forces with collaboration partners from the EU and particularly Baltic countries. (See more)

In case you have not heard about eFTI, here you have a short summary:

eFTI is a new EU-level act, which will require public actors to approve cargo documents in digital format. eFTI covers all modes of transportation and comes into force in 2024-2025. In short, eFTI is built upon these 5 components:

  1.   eFTI Platform, to be used by private actors
  2.   Systems to be used by public actors to access and process the data made available by private actors on the eFTI Platforms, which may also contain:
    • Access Points (AP) for the specific cases
    • National Access Point (NAP)/eFTI gate
  3.   Authentication mechanism(s) for private and respectively public actors
  4.   Authorization mechanism(s) for private and respectively public actors
  5.   eFTI Search Mechanism.

When the FEDeRATED project first started, Vedia made the decision that it will study a variety of options for agile and sophisticated data-sharing models in the transport and logistics sector. As a result of these studies, Vedia started to participate in IATA One Record development in collaboration with IATA and Finnair Cargo. One Record is a new initiative for the internet of logistics which has already achieved the necessary maturity to enable actors to build businesses within it. In short, One Record is a data-sharing model, which builds upon the following leading principles:

  1. The One Record concept is based on 3 pillars enabling to define: WHAT, HOW and with WHOM data can be shared
  2. One Record is a data-centric model that provides transparency and visibility for all actors in the logistics chain
  3. The One Record model specifies the used data model, used APIs, and used security model

For Vedia, One Record offers a huge opportunity to jump into the internet of logistics. Now that Vedia is operating its own One Record server and has adapted the One Record data model to its own semantics and architecture, Vedia can offer you access to this modern world of paperless supply chains for third parties. Currently, Vedia is making preparations for future eFTI implementations, where Vedia’s interest lays in utilizing One Record as a foundation for eFTI platforms. This work is already ongoing and we are always open to discussing more potential collaboration.

Lasse Nykänen
Project leader

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