Municipality fleet renewal
Municipality fleet renewal

Vediafi has been developing Clean Vehicle Wizard (CVW) tool now more than one year together with the Finnish municipality association, Northern Growth Zone, and pilot municipalities. We have learnt that municipalities’ vehicle fleet and transport services are a complex entity, from which all actors have their own opinion. During the last years, municipalities have done good work to improve their fleet management and cut down emissions. However, there is still a lot to do. And this work is not only the municipalities’ duty, vice versa all stakeholders should contribute to this development. 

Vedia has developed its CVW tool to simplify public actors’ daily tasks with digital easy to use online tool, which is especially developed to meet the requirements of the new EU Clean vehicle directive, but at the same time it helps actors to manage fleet, generate reports from it and to make comparisons between fleets. Vehicle data is the core of the tool and it is used as much as possible, however not always there is official data available and then CVW data is complemented with open data and data that can be filled manually to the system.

The quality of data is very common topic in platform and software development. The same applies also to vehicle data and even the new EU directive requires data from various sources. Based on our experience this kind of data is not very simple to get and especially, when considering other relevant topics such as carbon footprint or feet comparison much more complex solution is needed. We in Vedia believe, that we have found solid receipt for this dilemma, which has been possible only because of fruitful collaboration together with our partners.

“We must carefully renew our fleet to meet required cost and emission savings.” 

Lasse Nykänen

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