LuxTurrim5G Neutral Host pilot – simulating supply chain

The Business Finland projects of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem will end at the turn of the year (at least for this batch), and on 16 December 2021, a project closing seminar was held. For Vedia, the LuxTurrim projects provided an excellent platform for cooperation and innovation, which enabled Vedia to create new services together with, among others, VTT, Nokia, Teleste, and Vaisala, and especially service packages in the environment of smart cities.

This video demonstrates one trial of Neutral Host Pilot project: case Smart logistics, which combines automated indoor logistics, supply chain tracking & tracing, and sustainability monitoring.

Vedia tested and developed its CVW service and related additional features in the project. In particular, the focus was on how the intelligent infrastructure enabled by LuxTurrim poles can support the management and monitoring of traffic and transport emissions. In addition, Vedia developed new solutions for the smart urban logistics industry. With the project, Vedia’s services developed, but at the same time, Vedia also created new spin-offs in the Green Deal and site management areas, where the first commercial openings are just coming to fruition.

All in all, the entire Vedia development team would like to thank the LuxTurrim5G community and those involved. Together, we have succeeded in creating something new for urban digital services and the data economy, which will undoubtedly be part of smart cities in the future.

Press release: LuxTurrim5G solutions ready for global smart city markets

Lasse Nykänen
Project leader

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