Clean Vehicles Wizard, a tool for managing and reporting vehicles CO2 emissions

This wizard provides a city, company, organization, or consultant with an overall view of vehicle fleet emissions. Enter vehicles into the tool to get vehicle emissions data easily and quickly.

Use vehicle data to
Analyze, Manage and report CO2 emissions

A database of more than 6.5 million vehicles ensures that vehicle emissions data will be awesome.

Clean Vehicles Wizard is a Finnish innovation. Its idea is based on the Clean Vehicles Directive (link to the directive) and has been developed together with the pilot municipalities and the Association of Finnish Municipalities (link to case text). Pilots are currently underway in Germany as well.

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What can I use CVW for?

  • Do a check-up for your vehicle fleet and find the problem areas, such as vehicles with high emissions and utilization
  • Get emission analysis and follow your vehicles emission levels
  • Group vehicles and track their average emissions
  • Generate emission reports for example from vehicles, groups, or miles driven
  • Monitor compliance with the requirements of the EU Clean Vehicles Directive and report the development
  • Create vehicle requirements for future purchases and procurements or offer vehicles with emission values
  • Plan your fleet renewal wisely and create scenario calculations

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