Sharing makes using taxis affordable for more people

Taxis are a superior form of transport in terms of response times, convenience and adaptability. Why then do many taxi drivers complain about having too few customers? One of the key factors is the price compared to other forms of public transport like buses and trains.

An easy, and very common example is travelling to/from the airport. Many travellers have their luggage with them so getting a ride directly from home to the terminal would be superb. However, the price for this high-quality service is (in case you need to take a 25 km ride from southern Helsinki or Espoo) around 50-60 euros. With that kind of money you could as well take a plane to some European destination and never even notice the difference price-wise. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, now does it?

Even though we now have a rail link to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, many people still would love to take a taxi and even pay some extra for this service. The problem is that the cost of a taxi to the airport is almost the same as indicative daily average net salary in Finland. And you need to pay this again when going back home. This must be changed if we want see more people than just business travellers using taxis in large scale.

Vedia Taxi app allows you to use the superior taxi service with significantly lower (50-75%) costs by sharing your ride in a convenient and safe way. Plus, you have a possibility to socialize with someone else, not just the driver!!