Transport and logistics is one of the biggest contributors of climate change and air pollutions. Yet, movement of goods and people is absolutely vital for societies. Transport is also in a front line of connected world and smarter cities. Cities, communities and authorities benefiting real time information on transport related emissions but they also need state-of-the-art solutions to connect vehicles, cargo and people based information to infrastructure. Organizations can utilize Road side Management Unit (RMU) for increased connectivity and tracking of cargo within transport corridor and  logistics areas.

RMU is developed to enable secure and fast connection between vehicles and infrastructure (V2X) together with multi sensor platform. In addition to connectivity and edge computing, RMU also enables tracking of CO2, cargo, vehicles and assets.

RMU is a turnkey solution that can be fully tailored to customers’ needs for superior value. It can be equipped with multiple sensors and C-V2X technologies (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) and other commonly used radio technologies such as: LTE/5G, BLE, RFID and LORA, which connects vehicle, cargo and sensors data to infrastructure. It also can be integrated to CVW (LINKKI) for monitor procurement decisions. Integrated edge computing solution analyses necessary data close to the actual actions.

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