Clean Vehicle Wizard (CVW) is a support tool for green logistics. Including green values to logistics sourcing decisions, as well as sustainability of own fleet, has become increasingly important for most companies. The problem is how to integrate these goals to sourcing process in easy and reliable way.

Clean Vehicle Wizard is an online application helping you to monitor CO2 emissions of vehicle fleets and quickly check your compliance with legal requirements. Improve knowledge about your car fleet and bring a contribution to the climate change challenge.

The tool can be utilized for two purposes, to benchmark carbon emissions of your car fleet and to benchmark carbon emission of vehicles for procurement

CVW is first easy to use, online emission information service that is developed in accordance of procurement process. It engages logistics service providers to emission aspects of procurement in an transparent and a solid way. It can also be integrated to procurement software for superior conveniency. This provides more quality to procurement with less time and money.

Demo available on query, please get in touch with us.