Global supply chains are increasingly complex and integrity of logistics is crucial to business. Supply chains should be managed and developed based on real-time, reliable data that is linked to business processes and decision making. On the other hand, business processes must comply with requirements of global logistics like custom procedures and multi modal supply chains.

CaaS Drive consist of mobile application, connected IoT devices and integrated logistics services. These enable following features in international logistics:

  • Tracking of vehicles and cargo (including ETD/ETA)
  • E-Seals and automated border crossing
  • Priority drive, queue management and slot reservation
  • Digital logistics information B2B & B2A

CaaS Drive provides transparency and controllability for logistics and complemented with CVW, RMU an IoT devices. The solution is developed for multi modal international corridors with border crossing, yet it can be used for domestic logistics. In addition logistics centres, warehouses and ports can benefit from identification and slot reservation applications. As fully customizable solution, CaaS Drive is always optimized for customer need for superior ROI.

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