Logos of the district of Warendorf and Vedia for the collaboration regarding Sustainability

Vedia is excited to announce the district of Warendorf as the first German customer for the Clean Vehicle Wizard. This marks an important step in the international expansion of Vedia’s sustainable software solutions. The deal aims to tackle the challenge of emission mitigation of Warendorf’s fleet. All the while providing increased efficiency for the district administration’s fleet management.

Logo of the district of Warendorf

Nicole Rogoski, partner at Kreis Warendorf :

We are delighted to have a precise overview of the CO2 emissions of our vehicles for the first time with the help of CVW. This will help us to make targeted decisions in the future, taking into account the actual CO2 emissions and thus reducing the CO2 emissions of the vehicle fleet. The digital driver’s logbook CVM also supports our employees by being easy to use and will replace the old paper driver’s logbook.

Pilot Project and the way forward

Back in March of this year Vedia and the district of Warendorf began a joint pilot project. The aim was to further develop the Clean Vehicle Mobile application. For this, two vehicles of the type VW Caddy were equipped with tracking hardware connected to the vehicles’ O.B.D. port. The connecting backbone of the tracking capabilities was the Gurtam Wialon system.

During the pilot, Vedia’s development team used the data from the daily use of the vehicles to improve the solution further. Thanks to the extensive user feedback the team enhanced not only the core system itself but also the user interface. This resulted in a comprehensive while at the same time easy-to-use software solution.

The pilot project officially concluded with the result being a great success for both parties. The combination of the CVW and CVM proves a highly increased efficiency for fleet management in the district. Following, on the 1st of August 2022, the combined Clean Vehicle Wizard and Clean Vehicle Mobile Solution solution officially entered full service.

Matti Lankinen CEO

Matti Lankinen, CEO of Vedia:

“We are happy to start a collaboration with the Warendorf District, which is the first area in Germany where Vedia’s solution for cleaner and more efficiently utilized vehicles is used to build the smart city of the future. There is a pressing need for sustainable urban development that can be enabled by digital platforms such as the CVW. Together with our city and enterprise partners, we are actively developing smart and clean solutions that enable sustainable traffic.”

The German Market

Vedia specifically selected the German market as the stepping stone for internationalization as sustainable solutions are relatively rare in the region. As sustainability and decarbonization have been key focus areas for Vedia, the market situation in Germany is an ideal environment for expansion.

Since then, Vedia has expanded its expansion scope to Austria and Switzerland. The goal is a presence throughout the European markets. Vedia hopes to become a key actor in the reduction of emissions throughout the Schengen zone. This will allow us to help pave the way to a greener future.

You can find out more about the Clean Vehicle Wizard solution here:

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Felix Bloch
Consultant & Product Owner

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