Driver’s logbook

The Clean Vehicle Mobile (CVM) tool is a mobile application for keeping a logbook, which together with the CVW service makes it easy to record and report trips. At the same time, it allows the collection of emissions based on driving performance. CVM allows you to accurately track your mileage, record fuel consumption, analyse your driving and thus reduce your fuel consumption and emissions. Drivers can record journeys at the touch of a button, saving you the hassle of paperwork.

For cities, municipalities and businesses:

Clean Vehicles Mobile
  • Mileage tracking at the touch of a button – our automated solution enables simple and reliable logbook tracking
  • Save up to tens of thousands of euros per year in human and administrative costs for manual recording and reporting of journeys
  • Easier and more efficient management of your vehicles’ emissions, fuel and costs
  • More accurate reporting
  • The use of GPS tracking allows you to record data more accurately, while taking into account GDPR requirements

With CVM, you have an electronic logbook for your fleet, which is easy to use thanks to automation. By combining mileage and refuelling data, emissions and fuel consumption can be calculated accurately.

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