The aim of the cooperation is to support the reporting of bus mileage in the Oulu region, clarify communication on emissions reduction, reduce bureaucracy and identify the needs for clean vehicle procurement.

With energy costs and emissions restrictions spiralling out of control, it is time to go digital in vehicle emissions management, because falling emissions also mean increasing savings. Only by measuring and monitoring consumption can we identify where in our own operations we are incurring the most significant costs and emissions.

– comments Matti Lankinen, CEO of Vediafi Oy.

Making vehicle emissions data transparent

CVW (Clean Vehicles Wizard), an innovative fleet emissions management tool developed by Vediafi Oy, provides an overall view of the emissions of the company’s own fleet and the fleet of its contract partners. With the click of a button, you can see a detailed analysis of your fleet, its consumption and emissions.  CVW generates consumption and emissions reports on fleet mileage and fuel consumption, and allows the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD) to be taken into account in fleet procurement.

The tool enables you to

  • Analyse and report on the energy consumption and emissions of the vehicle fleet.
  • Identify fleet problem areas, such as vehicles with high emission levels or low-emission vehicles with low utilisation rates, and thus trigger rapid adjustment measures.
  • Plan for more efficient use or replacement of the fleet in line with emission reduction targets.
  • Keep records of driving performance, fuel consumption and related emissions.
  • Report emissions transparently to various stakeholders.
  • Include accurate vehicle data in future procurements.
  • Collect data from own contractors and service providers for own reports.
  • Use vehicle emissions data for emission scenario calculations and environmental reporting.
  • Monitor compliance and progress with the requirements of the EU Clean Vehicles Directive.

Clean Vehicles Wizard, CVW for short, is an innovative web-based service from Finland that brings emissions and energy consumption monitoring directly to the user, eliminating the need for heavy surveys. The idea for the service originates from the Clean Vehicles Directive and has been developed together with cities, initially as a pilot and now as a comprehensive service to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions from vehicles. Customers have quickly seen tangible benefits from CVW.

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