Vedia Taxi piloting in a mobility experiment in Aviapolis, Vantaa

October 13, 2016By Vedia CrewApps, ITS, MaaS

Vedia Taxi was selected as a service provider for last mile mobility experiment in Aviapolis Vantaa. Aviapolis area, located near the Helsinki Airport is the fastest growing international employment area in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The area has good public transport services thanks to, for example, the Ring Rail Line opened just over a year ago. … Read More

Shared Taxi with iQ Payments

October 6, 2015By Vedia Crewe-payments, MaaS

1.4 million taxi rides a month are made in the eight biggest cities of Finland. With Vedia Taxi application taxi sharing users in Finland can potentially save more than 44 million Euros a year. Vedia taxi sharing application will be available for the first customers in October 2015. In the first stage the service will … Read More

Introducing Vedia Shared Taxi service

October 5, 2015By Vedia CrewITS, MaaS

Sharing makes using taxis affordable for more people Taxis are a superior form of transport in terms of response times, convenience and adaptability. Why then do many taxi drivers complain about having too few customers? One of the key factors is the price compared to other forms of public transport like buses and trains. An … Read More