EFTI catalyzing sustainable growth and vitality in the North-Sea Baltic logistics corridor

North Sea-Baltic - The smartest transport corridor CaaS Nordic  webinar
North Sea-Baltic – The smartest transport corridor CaaS Nordic webinar

Welcome to the international CaaS Nordic webinar

Join this webinar CaaS Nordic Webinar II (ZOOM) – North Sea-Baltic – The smartest transport corridor on 2.6.2021 – 13.00 (EEST, Finnish time) , where the Finnish and Estonian authorities and companies meet to discuss about Data sharing in logistics, the possibilities of cooperation between National authorities and companies, and how to achieve the goal of the smartest transport corridor.

2020 brought massive challenges for transportation and pushed everybody to take the leap towards more digital solutions. The big wave of transport corridor digitalization is on the move and it is driven by both private companies and authorities. Business is seeking better efficiency and for authorities eFTI is driving the change. Finland and Estonia are on the crest of that wave – The wave of change. There are great plans and goals made for striving the North Sea-Baltic corridor to be the smartest transport corridor. However, the implementation is still missing. Tests and pilots are still in their infancy, and concrete actions are needed.

This webinar is organized by Caas Nordic association and IBA project: TUIJAN (Transport corridor Uniting International Joint Aspirations in the Northern dimension). It is operated by Vediafi.

CaaS Nordic Webinar: North Sea-Baltic – The smartest transport corridor
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CaaS Nordic Webinar: North Sea-Baltic - The smartest transport corridor

13.00 – Introduction to the Webinar, Moderator, Juha Kenraali, CaaS Nordic Advisor Board Lead
Ministerial remarks
13.05 –  Welcoming words

Expert Insights of data sharing in logistics (EFTI, NAAP - National authority access point)
13.10 – Finnish insights, Maria Rautavirta, Ministry of transportation and communications
13.25 – Estonian insights, Indrek Gailan, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication

Industry Presentations
13.40 – IBA2, Finland - Estonia logistics data sharing best practices, Harri Pyykkö, VTT
13.50 – EFTI ECMR, Heiti Mering, Diginno / Innocap
14.00 – Electronic multimodal waybill, Tomi Dahlberg, DBE Core
14.10 – Ferry transport connecting countries, Håkan Fagerström, Group Head Of Cargo at Tallink Grupp
14.20 – EDIH - 5STAR eCorridors, Matti Lankinen, Vediafi / CaaS Nordic

Panel discussion 
14:30 – Topics:  Data sharing in logistics, Data sharing between National authorities, Next steps for concrete international collaboration. 
Panelists: all speakers + Rudy Hemeleers, Lauri Lusti

15:00 – Topics
Room 1: Data sharing business models
Room 2: Project collaboration
Room 3: Ensuring logistics data sharing impacts for Finnish and Estonian economy 

15.25 - Final Remarks and Questions

15.30 Ending of the Webinar
Agenda of CaaS Nordic Webinar

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