The successful pilots in several municipalities in Finland have been leading to a market expansion towards abroad. Since the CVW tool is synchronised with EU-wide policies and standards, its fits not only into the needs of Finnish authorities but can also add value for municipalities all over Europe.

The first expansion country is Germany, where the CVW is now set up to be piloted. The functions and basic structure of the tool will remain the same, with slight adjustments to the needs of the German customers. Through the German-speaking team members, the authorities receive support and training for the CVW conveniently in their native language. Moreover, Vedia has become an official registered supplier for public bodies in order to enable a smooth supply process for the municipalities.

CVW offers a solution for cities and municipalities to monitor and manage their fleets in accordance with the upcoming EU regulations, which will come into effect EU-wide on August 2nd, 2021. The new guidelines set national targets for emissions of public fleets. Within the CVW tool, individual vehicles and entire fleets can be assessed and monitored, and the environmental impact can be calculated using a carbon footprint. The tool can be used for purchase, leasing, rental and service vehicles in different vehicle segments such as cars, delivery vans, trucks and buses. Furthermore, CVW offers a tool for the procurement of new fleets and services. It creates an overview of the emissions of your own fleet to support purchasing decisions regarding new vehicles. The emissions from different vehicles can be compared and an overview can be obtained.

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