Logistics supply chains

During the last year, global supply chains have been in the headlines as a security of supply ensures a functioning society under all circumstances. Whether it is concerning the impact of pandemic or blocked seaways, all discussion underlines the very basic principles of functioning logistics. It is supplying the right goods, at the right place, at the right time in a right condition. As one has seen, the global crisis emphasizes the importance of logistics as a backbone of functioning society.

In national context, attention goes, at least partly, national emergency supply agencies and their role to ensure the security of supply. In Finland National Emergency Supply Agency (Huoltovarmuuskeskus) has launched a Logistiikka 2030 programme to tackle these global challenges (see more Huoltovarmuuskeskus vastaa globaaleihin haasteisiin Logistiikka 2030 -ohjelmalla – Huoltovarmuuskeskus). The ambitious and very much needed goal of the programme is to strengthen the logistics and transport for serious disturbances. The Programme takes several measures to strengthen critical logistics infrastructure and capabilities of logistics services. As logistics is global, some of the first measures will improve international transportation, ports, and global logistics hubs in Kehä 3 area. Specific attention will be paid to mobile and transport networks, as well as supply of water and electricity.

The good thing is that these measures will also benefit logistics also during the normal times!

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