Global and local supply chains are affected by COVID-19. If and when vaccination will be authorized, the integrity of logistics services, including transport and warehousing, will be put to an ultimate test. In addition to capacity challenges, many articles (see e.g. The COVID-19 vaccine’s logistics will be targeted. Vet the supply chain. | Supply Chain Dive) have pointed out the particularly high potential that vaccine logistics will likely be targeted by criminal activity. This is especially in the early stage of production where demand and supply does not match, not to mention the high-profile of cargo.

COVID-19 cargo

Vedia CaaS eSeal ensures the success of the transport chain

Well-planned logistics and well-know subcontractor network is important for safe supply chain but also novel technology can be utilized to ensure transport integrity. Yet, the supply chains are multimodal, global, and complex, making it harder to track and trace consignments with simple solutions. Vedia has been working with multimodal, carrier-independent solution to track global cargo in real-time.  In addition, Vedia CaaS eSeal can facilitate border-crossing and digitalize supply chain documents. This ensures that you have full control over the cargo to pass the great test of logistics’ resilience.

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