On road cargo IoT tracking

During H2 2020, Vedia piloted a new IoT-based cargo tracking solution in the Kehä III area. The pilot consisted of scenario analysis, expert interviews and a concrete pilot. The pilot project’s target was to uncover an alternative for GNSS (GPS) based positioning system. The solution is enabling transparency and situational awareness if GNSS signals are missing. The pilot project was done in collaboration with National Supply Emergency Agency’s Land Transport Pool.

With expert interviews, interviewers checked from experts the importance of GNSS. Also, interviewers unearthed the Kehä III generic issues over plain positioning and navigation with GNSS signals.

The project results demonstrated that an anonymized checkpoint type of positioning system, which utilizes device ID tracking, can be implemented in the Kehä III area. The system could enable cargo tracking at a level, which could be used to control Kehä III traffic status. The solution could also be expanded to other essential logistics corridors and hubs to monitor transport flows and volumes.   

Vedia wants to thank all experts who participated in the project.

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