Last year Vedia successfully finished its first Horizon 2020 project, 5G-DRIVE. Now Vedia is participating in the new 5G Horizon project  – 5G ROUTES, which focuses on 5th Generation connected and automated mobility cross-border EU trials. Ericsson Estonia coordinates the project, and other collaboration partners for Vedia are, e.g., Telia, Tallinn University of Technology, VTT, Airbus, LMT, and Eckerö Line. In 5G ROUTES, Vedia focuses on supply chain monitoring, transparency, and massive machine-type communication. These themes are piloted in the test ferry operating between Finland and Estonia and the Port of Muuga.

The first one and half years of the project have been planning, preparations, and lab trials, but now in 2022, actual piloting will start. It cannot be forgotten that the project’s first year did not follow the plans as expected due to the COVID 19, which prevented physical meeting, and thus, after the first year, the project group met for the first time face-2-face. Everybody who has been on the big project knows that this is not the desired start. But now everything looks good, and soon the consortium is ready to jump on real pilots.

5G ROUTES transport and 5G
5G ROUTES test environment (source LMT).

The 5G ROUTES project is developing new CAM solutions for the transport and logistics sector, recognized as one of the early adopters of new 5G technologies. The project also just launched an open call for external SMEs to join on 5G tests and utilize 5G test environments. For Vedia 5G technologies are the desired development path since those will enable more reliable and better connectivity. Vedia is also seeking new solutions to enhance supply chain transparency and connectivity. 

IoT devices, which are strongly linked to the 5G technologies, will boost this development. It is also stated that 80% of the data currently comes from the backend systems, and only 20% is real-time/sensor data. However, in the future – maybe even in the next few years – this might be vice versa, and Vedia wants to be ready for that. Vedia currently offers onboard units, location-based services, and cargo tracking, utilizing cellular-based communication. And for all of these, Vedia also has suitable backend systems where users can configure, manage, and get notifications from devices. And, of course, Vedia’s solutions are 5G compliant.   

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Lasse Nykänen
Project leader

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