After being tested by several pilot cities in Finland, the Clean Vehicles Wizard is coming to Germany!

Three municipalities have so far been selected to be Vedia’s partner cities for testing and developing the Clean Vehicles Wizard (CVW) software. When choosing the partner cities, the emphasis lied on diversity: The three cities are very different in size and fleet requirements – which makes it even more engaging to create the CVW together with them and grow with their requirements. Certainly, the basic functions are the same whether CVW is used for a small or bigger fleet, but the usability and user experience is changing depending on the purpose and extend the CVW is used. Therefore, testing with different fleet sizes and different requirements tackles the CVW at the sweet spot.

With the step of opening the CVW in Germany, Vedia wants to go one step closer into creating a European solution. Certainly, the requirements towards the CVW are differentiating in each country. When interviewing the German cities, they have been emphasizing especially a need for CVW’s mileage tool and the possibilities to create overviews of the kilometres and running hours of their vehicles. It falls handy into place that Vedia was developing this tool in the past and is keen on developing this feature for best usage of the partners.

“The driven mileage tool is especially interesting for our high-demand fleets. For quite some time, we have been looking for a solution to capture the driven mileages and create a comprehensive overview.”

(Interview Partner from a German City)

Moreover, German cities have been responding very enthusiastic about the possibility to get an overview of the actual emissions of their fleets – keeping in mind that the EU legislation is demanding or a change starting form August 2021.

The CVW is looking forward to the next months of collaboration and excited to learn about new insights as well as planning future possibilities for the CVW software together with the German cities. This will bring Vedia’s CVW team one step closer to extend the number of partner cities in Germany, covering different regions, sizes and demands.

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