VEDIA SHARE - Nokia Car-Rental Pilot Project

Vedia Share is a pilot project for Nokia Open Ecosystem Network where Nokia seeks ways to use resources in the most efficient way and make things easier for Nokia travellers. The Espoo pilot aims to provide convenient and competitive solution for Nokia travellers that require short term car rental.

This Q4/2017 project offers new short term car rental service for Nokia employees only at Nokia Espoo site with five VW vehicles.

The Vedia Share mobile Android application allows Nokia travellers to reserve, use and pay the vehicles.

The vehicle remote management is made with the OTAkeys solution – see the user experience video:

Short term rentals are made with hourly pricing up to 4 hours, whereafter no charge until 24 hours is spent. All vehicles are parked on dedicated slots at back of Kilo parking hall bottom floor.

Notice: Please enable location services on your Android device before attempting to open the car doors. Geolocation is used to ensure that the car doors are opened only for authorized users and may take a moment when reaching the rental car.







How to use Share Rental

Who can use Share ?

  • Nokia employees with Nokia email –address can rent the vehicles, but they need to indicate possession of valid driving license to the application

How long can short rental last ?

  • Maximum time of rental is 72 hours. If rental exceeds 24 hours each starting 24 hour period is charged at 24 hour price.

How to charge/refill the car ?

  • Each e-Golf or  Hybride Passat user is required to plug the car to Kilo charging plug after use.
  • There is an ABC-petrol card in each vehicle for fuel refilling. Refilling is to be done by user at vehicle return.


Support is available during Finnish office hours i.e. 8-16, check out also the questions and answers section.

Feedback from Nokia travellers and level of usage will determine whether this service will continue next year.

Terms of rental service

Please read and accept these Vedia Share rental terms before downloading the application. Vehicles are equipped with telematics devices to enable the mobile service. Nokia Bell Labs will also use the vehicles to test outdoor/indoor positioning solutions. Vedia Share pilot service is offered to Nokia employees for short term travel in Finland.