Terms of rental service

Please read and accept these Vedia Share rental terms before downloading the application. Vehicles are equipped with telematics devices to enable the mobile service. Nokia Bell Labs will also use the vehicles to test outdoor/indoor positioning solutions. Vedia Share pilot service is offered to Nokia employees for short term travel in Finland.

The following terms apply between the lessor, Vediafi Oy, Valimotie 13A, FI-00380 Helsinki Business ID 2537538-6 (hereinafter rental) and the lessee (hereinafter "the customer").


a. The customer must take care of the vehicle as it is own and be particularly careful and cautious. The vehicle is transferred to the customer at the start of the reservation and ends with the return of the vehicle in accordance with clause 8 of the rental conditions.
b. The customer is a user of the vehicle and cannot surrender the vehicle to another person.
c. The customer agrees that, when picking up a shared car, the rental agent is not required to check the condition of the vehicle when picking up. The customer undertakes to photograph the vehicle from any direction at the time of collection, to keep the photographs for 30 days from the time of the rent and to hand it over to the rental company if requested. If, despite the request, the photographs are not delivered to the rental company, the vehicle will be deemed to be in the condition of the previous inspection at the time of collection.
d. The vehicle must not be used for towing, racing, ice or driving outside the general road, driving lesson or any other than normal use.
e. The vehicle must not be exported outside Finland. Land export leads to a government notice, as well as an emergency duty of EUR 1500. In addition, the customer will be billed for the costs of returning the vehicle back to Finland, as well as any pauses without the upper limit.
f. Smoking and transport of animals in the vehicle is prohibited and will result to cleaning costs from the customer.
g. The vehicle must always be locked when leaving.
h. The Customer also undertakes to comply with the instructions given to him by the various customer service channels for the use of the vehicle, even if they are not specifically mentioned in the rental terms.


2.1 The customer is obliged to return the vehicle and its accessories in the same condition as at the pick-up.

a. Customer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle and its accessories, as well as lost parts and equipment. The liability for damages applies to the vehicle and its parts and accessories in its entirety, including the chassis, tires, rims, windscreen, windows, dust caps, antennas, etc. as well as other equipment and accessories in the vehicle.
b. The customer is obligated to pay any penalties resulting from driving, faults in parking or other penalized use of the vehicle during the rental period, as well as any other extra fees / charges relating to the rental, with all related costs. In addition to the amount to be charged, there will be an extra handling fee of EUR 50.
c. The customer is responsible for the consequences of the operation or negligence of the rental instructions and the costs incurred after the rental. These may be due to improper parking of the vehicle, failure to lock the vehicle, leaving lights or other electricity consuming equipment on, leaving open windows or the like.
d. The customer is responsible to clean or replace abnormal contamination. When returning the vehicle, the litters have to be collected and the carpets need to be shaken. Alternatively the customer is liable to pay cleaning cost 50 € / h.

2.2. The vehicle is covered by a traffic liability insurance covering the damages caused to the innocent party in respect of an excess of own insurance liability. In addition, the vehicle has a deer, fire, theft and collision insurance for which damages under normal insurance terms are covered by the compensation for the excess of the own insurance liability. Customer's property is not within theft insurance.

a. The rental company invoices the customer for any damage incurred by the repairer's estimate of the cost of the rent by an outside expert, with a maximum own liability limit of 1200 euros.
b. The customer is obliged to pay full compensation for any damages outside of the aforementioned insurance. The customer is liable to compensate the rental company for damages in full without any deductibility even if the damage is caused or caused by one of the following methods: overload, vehicle smoking, damage to vehicle trim, over- or low-pressure tires, misuse of fuel, snow damage when warned, Taking into account too limited space, driving on poor roads or driving areas or any other careless or incorrect use of the vehicle.
c. The rental agency is not obliged to compensate for any damage to the vehicle in order to charge the customer for any damages caused by their value.
d. If the damage is caused intentionally or if the customer has violated the law, or if the renter has clearly violated the terms of the agreement, he will compensate for all damages in full.
e. In the case of lost keys, the customer is fully liable for all costs incurred by the renting company, parking days, renewal of locks and keys and any other damages incurred by the vehicle.
f. If the customer declares the vehicle stolen, he / she must return the vehicle keys to the rental company. If the keys are not returned the customer is liable for the full value of the vehicle and equipment.


The use of the service requires that the customer has been granted a credit card that is valid for service registration. Registration of a credit card is a prerequisite for using the service. A registration fee of 1 euro is charged on the credit card to be registered. The use of the service is paid in accordance with the current price list.

a. The customer issues his payment card information by entering a rental license for the direct debit of the service. Customer agrees that the renter will charge the client's credit card after the rent, when the customer's account period is below the specified level of service and the events that caused the customer's liability under section 2.


a. The vehicle is delivered in full service condition and as agreed to the customer. Guidance and instructions are provided on the use of the vehicle using electronic customer service channels.
b. If the delivery of the vehicle is delayed or unsuccessful, the customer may claim compensation, discount or cancellation. The maximum amount of compensation is limited to the amount of time charged for the event.
c. The rental company reserves the right to change the car booked by the customer to a similar one.


a. At the end of the vehicle reservation, the customer fills the tank of the vehicle. The vehicle must not be returned until the fuel tank has been filled.
b. The customer is fully responsible for damages caused by the use of incorrect fuel, or any other liquid, spare part or accessory.
c. The customer must periodically inspect engine oils, coolant and tire pressures.
d. A fee of € 75 will be charged for the negligence of the refueling obligation caused by the sunken tank.
e. Windshield washer is not included in the rental price. When winter speed limits are in place, the addition of water alone to the windscreen washer fluid is prohibited and will result in frost damage caused by frost damage from the customer.


a. All theft and traffic damage should always be reported to the rental company and to the police.
- The police report is delivered to the rental company.
- If no notification is made, the customer is fully responsible for any damage to any counterparty.
b. Violations in the vehicle must be reported without delay to the rental company in order to agree on further action.
- The customer is not entitled to repair / get repair to the vehicle defects, or to claim compensation from the rental car without a separate contract.


a. If a technical or other essential discrepancy in the use of the contract occurs when a vehicle is rented by a customer, the customer may require a fault repair or a price reduction for the error or malfunction.
b. Because of a greater fault or error, the customer may require a refund of the service charge.
c. The contract cannot be terminated if the error can be remedied within a reasonable time or the vehicle is replaced by the hire agent. The rental company is not liable for the costs incurred to the customer for this reason or for continuing the journey with other means of transport.
d. The obligation to pay compensation is limited to the service fee paid for the use of the vehicle.


a. The maximum operating time is 72 hours.
b. An over deliverance of the maximum period of use will result in a 100 euro delay, a 5-fold charge for the valid price list, and notification to the police.
c. At the latest at the time of the return, the customer is obliged to inform the rental company of possible defects or damage to the vehicle. Failure to notify will result in the termination of the insurance coverage and any additional damages caused by negligence on the customer.
d. The customer acknowledges that when a shared car is returned, the rental agent will not be able to check the condition of the vehicle at the time of return. The customer undertakes to photograph the vehicle from any direction at the time of return, to keep the photographs for 30 days from the end of the rental and to hand it over to the rental company if requested. If, despite the request, photographs are not provided to the rental company, the vehicle shall be deemed to have been returned at the time of return, regardless of the date of inspection.
e. The customer may only return the vehicle to the Nokia parking lot (Kilo, Espoo) area designated by the rental agency in accordance with the parking rules.
f. The return of the vehicle in breach of the instructions shall be deemed to be delayed and shall be carried out in accordance with paragraph 8b until the vehicle is parked in accordance with the rental instructions and in the condition of the rental conditions. The Customer agrees to return the vehicle to the location indicated on the rental vehicle and, in any exceptional circumstances and arrangements, request separate instruction from the rental company for the refund.
g. Irrespective of the original end of the renting and vehicle ownership are considered to continue until the next rental commences. As a vehicle holder, the customer is responsible for the penalty payments due to the vehicle, Incorrect parking. In order to avoid penalties, the customer will be able to move, refuel or clean the vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental until the next rental begins. An additional time will be charged for a separate rental fee. In the case of damage, the customer liability is limited to the situation indicated by the photographs taken at recapture at point 8e.


An unpaid reservation cannot be cancelled.
Customer can terminate his customer relationship at any time by deleting the application from his mobile phone and by writing about cancellation to the rental company in writing.
The rental company is not required to return the unused balance to the customer if the total amount is less than 10 euros. At the customer's request, the balance can be transferred to another customer free of charge.


If the contract is violated by the customer or the rental agency estimate that the customer is unable to comply with the contract or unable to use the vehicle he / she has rented properly, the contract may be terminated from the renting side. This is also the case if a vehicle has been damaged due to a collision or theft so much that it cannot be continued. Unless otherwise instructed by the rental agency, the customer must return the vehicle to the service provider in such cases.


a. The customer entered into the contract shall be liable for the fact that he is in driving condition and has a valid driving license which entitles to transport the vehicle.
b. The customer agrees that the location of the vehicle can be located with the GPS positioner.
c. By accepting the terms of service, the customer assures that the personal information he/she provides is correct. The Service Provider has the right to check the personal information provided by the Customer and, if necessary, to collect information about other records in order to determine the terms of the contract.
d. The service provider maintains a Share mobile app operating in the Android application environment and corrects any errors that may be present in the service to the best of their ability. However, if there is an obvious error in the service, for example in the price, description or in some detail,  the service provider reserves right to cancel the reservation or right to provide the customer with a reasonable alternative.
e. The Customer agrees that the rental company may send service messages and newsletters via email. A newsletter subscription can be cancelled at any time by pressing the "unsubscribe" link in the newsletter.


This agreement is governed by the Finnish law. Any dispute between the service provider and the customer is primarily solved by negotiation. Disputes brought to court will be brought to the service provider's court domicile in Helsinki.