Q&A for Rental Car 2.0 pilot in Finland

Q: What is Rental Car 2.0 pilot and Open Ecosystem?

A: Rental car 2.0 Proof of Concept (PoC) is an outcome of the Open Ecosystem Network (OPEN) platform, which hosted (among other) a sourcing challenge owned by Fleet Category.

OPEN is a cloud based, social & mobile co-creation platform, which accelerates third party collaboration and has a Sourcing module based on open eRFX, a way for the different ecosystem players present their proposal and ideas in a faster, more transparent manner to solve the posted challenges.

Q: What is the target of the PoC?

A: Nokia will test mobility solutions to meet future needs of flexible transportation such as car sharing, providing to the employees alternative and more efficient solutions.

Q: Who can participate the PoC?

A: Every employee who has a Nokia e-mail address, located in Karaportti area or visiting temporary Espoo.

Q: How does it work?

A: Include Google play and register guidelines

Q: How much does it cost?

A: 14 to 18 EUR/ hour, max 6 hours invoiced for a day.

Q: What is included in the price?

A: Vehicle usage including fuel and insurance except 1200 EUR own responsibility for damages.

Q: How do I refuel or recharge the car?

A: Each e-Golf  or  Hybrid Passat user is required to plug the car to Kilo charging plug after use. There is an ABC-petrol card in each vehicle for fuel refilling. Refilling is to be done by user at vehicle return.

Q: Where are the cars parked and where should I return them after the rental period?

A: In the Nokia parking hall in Espoo.

Q: Do I need to take care on the insurance coverage of the cars?

A: Insurance is included to fee except 1200 EUR own responsibility for damages.

Q: What shall I do in case of an accident or damage to the car?

A: All theft and traffic damage should always be reported to the rental company and to the police.

- The police report is delivered to the rental company.

- If no notification is made, the customer is fully responsible for any damage to any counterparty.

Violations in the vehicle must be reported without delay to the rental company in order to agree on further action.

- The customer is not entitled to repair / get repair to the vehicle defects, or to claim compensation from the rental car without a separate contract.

Q: Are the cars cleaned and maintained regularly?

A: Cars are cleaned and maintained regularly. However, it is always drivers responsibility to check condition of the car and report any issues immediately.

Q: Where do I get help in case of problems?

A: Support is available during Finnish office hours i.e. 8-16

from: +358 40 516 6452 or  info@vedia.fi

Q: Do I need to show my driving licence to someone?

A: The customer entered into the contract shall be liable for the fact that he is in driving condition and has a valid driving license which entitles to transport the vehicle. Picture of driving license needs to be sent to info@vedia.fi.

Q: Does the application work on the most common operating platforms (Android, iOS, Windows)?

A: In pilot phase application runs Android.

Q: Where do I get the application?

A: Vedia Share can be downloaded from GooglePlay link:

Q: Who can drive the cars?

A: Vedia Share registered Nokia employees can drive the cars.

Q: What is the duration of the PoC?

A: PoC runs until the end of 2017. Possible continuity of the service will be determined based on pilot outcomes.

Q: Is my personal data collected?

A: Only necessary, service related data is collected. All data is handled with highest standard of privacy and data protection.

Q: Are my trips and routes recorded?

A: Trips are recorded for invoicing purposes.

Q: How do I give feedback?

A: Feedback from Nokia travellers will be collected at beginning and at end of the pilot. Immediate feedback can also be given to Vedia Share support.

Q: My question was not answered

A: Please ask from Vedia support or check from terms of rental services listed below.

Support issues: Support is available during Finnish office hours i.e. 8-16 from: +358 40 516 6452 or info@vedia.fi