VEDIA RIDE - Nokia Ride Sharing Pilot Project

Vedia Ride is a pilot project for the Finnish Transport Agency and Sitra and is arranged in cooperation with Nokia Human Resources where Nokia seeks ways to use resources in the most efficient way and make lives easier for Nokia commuters. The Espoo pilot aims to provide convenient and competitive solution for Nokia commuters who are willing to share commuter rides with their collegues.

The project offers a new car sharing service for Nokia employees situated at Nokia Espoo site and who use the Vedia Ride mobile Android application. The Vedia Ride application allows Nokia travellers to offer and use ride sharing with their colleagues.  The Ride application calculates route for ride sharing and also indicates estimated ride costs.

The app is being piloted with Nokia in Karaportti Campus area. The app is not limited for Nokia users. This means that anyone, anywhere can use the app to start sharing commuter rides.

How to use Ride

Who can use Ride?

  • Nokia employees at the Espoo site can freely join the Ride Sharing service.

Cost of use?

  • Ride application can be downloaded and used free of charge during the pilot until end of 2017.

How to create a ride?

  • As a car holder you can create rides for your choice of time and route with Ride application.

How to join a ride?

  • As a car ride sharer you can seek and join rides of your choice of time and route with the Ride application.

How to agree a ride?

  • As a car holder you can accept ride Shares for your choice of time and route with Ride application.


Support is available during Finnish office hours i.e. 8-16

Feedback from Nokia travellers and level of usage will determine whether this service will continue next year.