Finland - The International Logistics Hub Between East And West

Corridor as a Service secures deliveries between Finland and Russia

What is Corridor as a Service?

First deployment of Vedia Corridor as a Service is made to enhance last mile logistics in Helsinki

Vediafi is the global first as CaaS - operator

CaaS-Net provides Corridor as a Service for urban & cross border priority drive of global trading


CaaS-Net connects the Nordic/EU region to the Arctic Silk Road. CaaS-Net provides new demand-supply market space for digitalized freight logistics and uses connected intelligent transport solutions to enhance international logistic priority drive across borders, highways and urban last miles.


CaaS-Net Service Features

  • Connecting the Nordic/EU region to the Arctic Silk Road
  • Vehicle CaaS/C-ITS messaging with GNSS-RTK-ADAS
  • Supply space management for delivery orders
  • Cross border priority/platooning drive service
  • Last mile delivery parking reservation
  • On road safety and concierge service
  • Traffic light priority at critical spots

CaaS-Net Service Benefits

  • New competitive delivery alternatives for global traders
  • Delivery transparency to traders with real-time tracking
  • Accurate delivery time with steady driving speed
  • Fuel consumption & co2 -emmission cut
  • Travel time saving

CaaS-Net Focus

CaaS-Net operation focuses on digitalizing freight logistics and uses C-ITS solutions to enhance international logistic accessibility. In the core is road freight and main roads which can be used to feed local multimodal super-hubs.